On the 17th November 2016 Dr Ruth Siddall of UCL gave a fascinating talk about stone ( rocks to pure geologists ) within the built environment. We all know that we call rocks ‘rocks’ but when they are used within the human environment – buildings, pavements, etc. it is OK to call them ‘stones’.

Her interests cover ceramics, Roman marbles, the role of geologists in building restorations (Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey). Ruth thought that using modern teaching tools will make the education of geology more acceptable, especially when many obscure or very rare rock types that might only be available in a classroom as a photo in a text book or in a small fragment, can actually be seen in large cladding slabs on the sides of buildings or even gravestones.

After the presentation there was a broad ranging informal discussion covering North Wales sourced curling stones, and when it also transpired Ruth had a spell working for a locally-based geological company !  

Her presentation can be found  HERE

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