Over the 15 year history of Geoscience Wales there have been a significant number of projects which have been successfully completed, using a selection of our Associates to bring together a unique set of expertise and experience to each of the projects.

Our Associates are scientific services companies having experienced and
highly specialised staff using advanced technologies to help our clients add
value to their businesses.
The client base of Geoscience Wales ranges across international energy and
mining companies, national and local governments major contractors and
financial institutions. Our mission is to remain independent and exploit the
unique skills of our Associates by providing the highest quality services to our
clients in the most cost effective manner. Our experience ranges over projects
across 7 continents and in more than 50 countries.

The pages in this section reflect a selection of these projects. Everyone will appreciate that client confidentiality is paramount and as such the information here is that which has been approved for release by Geoscience Wales, or has been anonymised appropriately. 

More items are being added with time so please return here again to see more projects.

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