Geoscience Wales Ltd are proud to support local businesses and events with associations to GWL.

The Royal Cambrian Academy

is host to our monthly cluster meeting which sees individuals and business owners from numerous geological fields ‘cluster’ together to hear one of our many sought after guest speakers.  The presentations are accommodated in the Royal Cambrian Academy’s gallery which is home to a programme of fine art by artists living and working in Wales.    The cluster meetings are completely free and everyone is welcome to join us.  See our posts for news on past and future presentations.

Venue Cymru & the International Concert Series

GWL is also delighted to be a sponsor of the International Concert Series at Venue Cymru, Llandudno.  Associate members of GWL have the privilege to take advantage of preferential seating to any of the concerts within the Concert Series season.  A programme of forthcoming concerts can be seen in our posts or by clicking on the link.

Venue Cymru


Conwy Classical Music Festival

This year, GWL is sponsor to the Conwy Classical Music Festival hosted at St Mary’s Church, Conwy since 2012.  See the following link for further details of concerts

London Pavement Geology Websites’   smartphone and tablet ‘Apps’

The above website was developed by Dave Wallis ( a GWL board member ) and, Geoscience Wales along with awards from the PESGB’s SCID fund, the Geologists’ Association’s Curry Fund, and the British Geological Society have allowed the Apps to be developed during 2016. These were launched in September 2016 and can be found at its website

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