The future of British wine is rosé

Last Thursday a large group of Associates were treated to a special presentation from Professor Dick Selley – Dept. of Earth Sciences & Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London  subtitled “Researching the interface of rock, vine & clime for a happier Britain”. 

Dick’s presentation covered his research which studies the vineyards of Britain through the ages from pre-Roman to the present day and beyond, linking climate change to the Northern migration of prospective locations. It touched upon the  underlying geology, geomorphology, past and future climate changes, soil types and chemistry, archaeology, anthropology, and of course Oenology.  We all found it very informative and above all entertaining. 

After the presentation Geoscience Wales had arranged for a tasting of 6 different wines, 5 from The Weald area of England and one from a few miles down the road from Conwy. 

All of Dick’s research has been compiled by him into a self-published book, now in its second edition. If copies of the >100 page technically detailed book are required Geoscience Wales can arrange for a copy to be made available to you from Dick for a fee of £15 plus postage.


From R.C Selley. 2008. The Winelands of Britain. (c) Petravin Press




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