Exploration Services


  • Seismic Data Acquisition QC, Marine and Land
  • Seismic Data Processing and QC
  • Seismic Data Interpretation and Structural Mapping
  • Potential Fields Data Interpretation


  • Field Mapping and Logging
  • Structural Analysis and Mapping
  • Stratigraphy ā€“ palaeontology and sequence
  • Sedimentology / Depositional Models
  • Well site, Log Interpretation / Petrophysics
  • Prospect and Play Analysis
  • Acreage Evaluation
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis / Basin Modelling

Geochemistry (Organic and Inorganic)

  • Laboratory Project Management and QC
  • Microseepage Survey QC and Interpretation
  • Fluid Inclusion (FIS) Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Chemostratigraphy Analysis and Interpretation
  • Source Rock Quality / Maturity Analysis & Modelling
  • Oil / Gas Typing and Source Rock Correlation

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