Research into a very unusual Clay  / Shale from Western Siberia

Last night Geoscience Wales were treated to a review of current research being undertaken by a research institute associated with Tomsk Petroleum, the operator for a South East region of the prolific West Siberian Basin.  Mikhail had been visiting his research collaborator on this project, Professor Wilson in Aberdeen and then travelled to North Wales to visit one of our Associates. Mikhail kindly gave the assembled Associates some background regarding the Tomsk region and its strong academic reputation. 

The research focused very closely on the luminescence found in a thin but wide ranging clay band, which we learnt was equivalent in stratigraphic age to the Kimmeridge in NW Europe. A very focused set of analyses had been performed and more is to be done. Mikhail hoped there would be a paper published in due course.

Mikhail – Bol’shoye Spacibo !




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