A Double-Header Presentation

Last Thursday due to a short notice cancellation by Phil Magor for personal reasons, we were lucky and able at short notice to secure TWO short presentations from visitors to one of our Associates, thank you Sam and James.

First we were given an insight into the interpretation of some seismic data of old  / variable quality to extract the maximum information for a potential well for a small UK based independent in acreage in shallow water of the Italian Adriatic.  Sam Girling was one of the key consultants and gave a really interesting talk that got into some very detailed methodological processes they undertook to squeeze every last drop of value from his data. It is hoped we will have a summary set of his slides to upload here, soon.

Our second presentation was also by a geophysicist, James McIlroy who was employed by PDO in Oman when he was part of a team assessing the risk elements in the drilling of a challenging well. A few of the key elements were that  – 1) the potential plays were within high pressure carbonate stringers within salt and there was thought to be a very high probability of H2S to the be found in dangerous concentrations; 2) there was a neighbouring village located close to the planned wellsite.  This focused the risk analysis which James documented for us and gave the attendees an insight into the level of detailed planning that was undertaken.

James is able to share his slides with the group, it can be viewed     HERE

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