Pilot: an undeveloped UKNS offshore heavy oil field waiting for steam flooding

Last Thursday Maurice Bamford a very experienced geologist with many years working on North Sea projects and currently working with The Steam Oil Production Company gave the attendees a very insightful presentation.  It covered how Steam enhanced production has been successfully used around the world,  in really good detail and giving us significant technical details of how Steam can move heavy oil.

Maurice then went through the geology of the Pilot project, a North Sea field, it opportunities and even the balancing economics of using this EOR technology right from the first day’s production.  He then compared it to the performance a couple of other heavy oil fields currently in production in the North Sea.  The presentation ended with a very lively and extended Q&A session, demonstrating the interest in the room.

Maurice has secured clearance to give Geoscience Wales an updated version of the slide deck.  – HERE .    

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