Petroleum Services

In the petroleum industry today, it is becoming more challenging – and more expensive – to develop new reserves. In many places, the easy discoveries are behind us and, increasingly, future supplies are in deep water and remote areas.

Oil companies developing these reserves require more investment, more innovative technology, more sophisticated risk management, and more partnerships. They also face the challenge of sourcing the appropriate technical skills, often in an environment of operating cost reduction and reduced internal resources.

GWL helps oil companies meet these challenges. Our Petroleum exploration and production experts provide a range of high quality, integrated services and products for exploration appraisal, development and production. Our extensive expertise is based within the principal disciplines of petroleum geology, geophysics and engineering, supported by key technical specialities such as geochemistry and biostratigraphy. All of our people are seasoned professionals and you can be assured that the appropriate level of skill will be applied to your project or assignment.

Benefits accruing to our clients from the GWL approach include:

  • Access to seasoned experts in key E & P disciplines
  • Independence from hardware, software and data vendors
  • Flexibility to undertake both long and short term assignments
  • On-site consultants to support asset teams
  • Rapid deployment
  • Operating and capital cost savings
  • Input based on global experience

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