Thursday 21st March, talks on geothermal energy

On Thursday 21st March at 18:30 upstairs in the RCA, Conwy, Dr. Gloria Arancibia will give a talk entitled:
“Fluid flow in fractured geothermal systems: an example from the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone”
and Dr. Diego Morata will give a talk entitled
Talk title: “Geothermal development in Chile: a century of exploration ending in the first South America power plant”
The venue will be open from 18:00 for pre-talk drinks and socialising.

Dr. Gloria Arancibia is a full professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and an academic visitor at the University of Liverpool. She has over 25 years of experience on Rock Deformation topics and Fault zones in the Andes. Her main research topics relate to controlling structural and tectonic processes on crustal fluid circulation. She has published +50 indexed Web of Science papers and participated in more than 25 research projects granted by international and national public agencies. The results of her research group have been presented at more than 140 international conferences. After several years as a mining consultant, she entered the Academy in the Engineering School at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile when the percentage of women was close to 5%. In 2022, She was the first female academic to be promoted to the full-professor category in the 135 years since the founding of the Engineering School. Currently, she is a role model in her country for female promotion in science to break barriers to access to the STEM disciplines.

Dr. Diego Morata is a full professor at the Department of Geology in the Universidad de Chile. His man research activities are related with the petrogenesis of magmatic rocks in subduction zones and hydrothermal (very low- to low-T) alteration processes. From 2010 he is the Director of the Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence (CEGA), hosted at the Universidad de Chile. He has a robust and huge experience in Andean geothermal systems, both for high-T as for direct use. He is the responsible of different direct use pilot projects along the country aimed to show the benefits of geothermal energy in Chile and rest of the Andean countries. He is author or co-author of +150 WoS papers, 36 non-ISI papers and more than 200 congress presentations. During his academic career he was responsible or co-investigator of +40 national or international research projects. From 2013 to present he is member of the Editorial Board in the journal Geothermal Energy and he was member of the Board of Directors, International Geothermal Association (IGA, 2016-2020). From August 2023 to July 2024 he is a visitor professor at the University of Liverpool.

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