Conwy Valley Systems Limited (CVS)

CVS works with most of the largest E&P companies, as well as many small ones, on almost any project requiring a mathematical or statistical solution implemented in software. In addition to bespoke software development and data management, the company has developed the PETROG™ system for petrographic data collection, management and analysis. PETROG is characterised by many unique and innovative achievements, including

– the first integrated digital petrographic data system

– the first fully automated stepping stage for a pol microscope;

CVS’ achievements have been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Innovation – the only company in Wales to be honoured in that year, and the smallest company in the UK to gain this recognition.

Not only has CVS been consistently first in its field but it retains its lead both commercially, with a strong support team and commitment to its many clients, and technologically, with strong ties to research programmes at many universities and an in-house R&D programme that has lead to award of a patent on an improved method for predicting porosity from images.

With users on 6 continents in 43 countries, and applications in sedimentary petrography for oil and gas E&P, coal maceral analysis for iron and steel production, concrete competence testing, cement clinker analysis, and even archaeology, PETROG is recognised as the only commercially viable solution for digital petrography and the Stepping Stage as the best solution for automated point counting.

Nikon 1124-3


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