Associate Consultants

GWL has experienced consultants, each with a proven track record and experience in their field. As well as delivering business-aligned projects and integrated studies, we can provide specialist advice in a number of geoscience and information management disciplines. We also provide associate staff members to clients who require quality assured, goal oriented technical professionals to work in their offices for short and long term assignments. For larger scale petroleum projects, GWL offers outsourced subsurface teams which can manage assets on behalf of our clients.

Here is a selection of our consultants by area of expertise.

Associate name Company name Area of   specialisation
Alex Southcombe Sole trader Engineering – wave energy
Pat Barnard Applied Petroleum Technology UK Ltd Petroleum geochemistry
Andrew Barnwell Barnwell Parker GeoScience Ltd Petroleum geology
Michael Bunter B & R Co. Petroleum geology M Bunter
Sarah Parker Barnwell Parker Geoscience Ltd Seismic geophysics
Bernard Besley Besley Earth Science Ltd – Sole trader Sedimentology – Clastic
Bill Fitches Sole trader Structural geology
Graham Blackbourn Blackbourn Geoconsulting Sedimentology – Carbonate
Bryan Twombley Sole trader Sedimentology – Carbonate
Eric Goulden Celtest Ltd Materials testing
Eddie Merrick Chemostrat Ltd Chemostratigraphy
Tim Pearce Chemostrat Ltd Chemostratigraphy
Richard Hatton Conwy Valley Consortium Ltd Surface geochemistry
Barrie Wells Conwy Valley Systems IT/Software/data management
James Wingfield Data Management & Exchange Ltd IT/Software/data management
Dennis Clowser Sole trader Stratigrapher – Micropalaeontology
Rob Seago Sole trader General geology – mapping structural
Huw Littler-Jones E-Geo Solutions Ltd Environmental services
Wiekert Visser EPTS Geochemistry – Training
Paul Markwick Getech Group plc Petroleum systems studies/Geology
Raymond Wolfson Getech Group plc Petroleum systems studies/Geology
Graham Cross Graham Cross Scientific Technical translation
Mike Hammill Hammill Geological Consultants Structural geology
John Church Sole trader Marketing geology services
John Collinson John Collinson Consulting Ltd Sedimentology – Clastic
John Newsome Sole trader Sedimentology – Clastic
Keith Richards KRA Stratigraphic Stratigrapher – Palynology
Nick Jacob Menai Geophysical Consultants Ltd Seismic geophysics  shallow
Tim Needham Needham Geosciences Ltd Structural geology
Paul Cornick PetroStrat Ltd Biostratigraphy
Kevin Mawdesley Red Wharf Systems Ltd IT/Software/data management
Karen Higgs Reservoir Geosolutions Ltd Sedimentology – Clastic
Rae Jones The Paly Parlour Palynology    sample preparation
Jim Cole Tie Point Science Stratigrapher – Palynology
James Keegan Wellstrat Ltd. Stratigrapher – Palynology
Steve Jones X-ray Mineral Services Ltd X ray mineral analysis
Mads Huuse Sole trader Seismic geophysics
Gay Mitchelson-Jacob Sole trader Academic marine sciences
Dave Wallis Sole trader e-Business Consultant
Jacqui Malpas Sole trader Biodiversity

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