David John Shipp  – Geologist  – 1948 – 2016

It was with sadness that we heard of the recent demise of Dave due to the return of cancer. He was a well-known character in the local geology community.

Dave obtained his doctorate at University College on Jurassic foraminifera and left London for the bright lights of Llandudno where he joined Robertson as a micropalaentologist. Dave was a valued member of staff and was always a caring, cheerful and gregarious colleague. One of his more notable contribution was to organise the terrible tie competition at Christmas. Also of note were the bulging cupboards in his room because he had a penchant for any book bargain – regardless of their content. Dave was very interested in any historical subject and was a sought after member for any pub quiz team.

Toward the latter part of his working career he was heavily involved in developing techniques in micropalaeontology applied to horizontal wells.  As such he often spent frequent stints offshore but he always enjoyed being at the “sharp end” at the well site.

Dave was just 68 and had recovered from a bout of cancer about 4 years ago but it came back with sad consequences. However, he had lived life to the full in the meantime with holidays, long distance walks and recently a Tall Ships Excursion from Liverpool.

Dave will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues (as was demonstrated by the large turnout at his funeral) as well of course by his wife Gill, his daughters and their families.

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